GD-38 Guardian droid

Obligatory front back



Name: GD-38 Gaurdian droid
Role: automated defense for key buildings and structures. (Official) it has also found great use in the trench running role, rooting out hostiles from trenches. (Unofficial)
Armament: To high durability alloy pikes, meant for use against saboteurs, but has found great use in trench fighting. 2 5.56×45mm machine guns, designed for use in defensive situations, bit also good for sweeping trenches.
Bio: Entered development in 2130, the GD-38 was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate defense droid, with blades for close quarters combat, and dual MG’s for use in more traditional defens roles. Used in desperation in the seige of Bucharest in 2138, when they sent in a counter attack against Bulgarian forces. They had great success in storming and clearing enemy defensive lines, nearly saveing the city by their lonesome. Since then, more and more commanders are using them in an offensive role, thought on the records they remain a defensive implement.

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Can you show a picture of the front so I can get a better look at the torso?

Sadly no because I already took him apart.

I always tale pictures when I’m ready to take them apart.

If it helps, the frame is made of a Vahki Torso attached to a Vahki head.

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