Hello again And quick warning
This entity is known to drive people mad because of its tricks and terrible jokes
TAKE CAUTION (not really)

What?! Only scrap parts?!

Correction: possessed scrap parts

It's formal greetings

The Quake beastling is unaware of its surroundings once more but it doesn't know that it's a...

TRAP!! (of gears)

Gear-Ghost: "Greetings traveler, may I show you my finest magic trick?"

Jallak(red): "sure why not?"

Gear-Ghost: "Watch as I make your shield disappear and also close your eyes"

Gear-Ghost: "now watch me...e... shield disappear"

Jallak: "Why you little..."

Now for some of Gear-Ghost's jokes with your host... (drum roll)


Q: Which is slower hot or cool temperature?
A: Cool temperature because every one can catch a COLD

Q: Why are bones so heavy?
A: Because they weigh a skele-TON

Gear-Ghost: "Thank you and good night!"

Hoped You Enjoyed!


this is a neat little build.
10 gears outta 10

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The build and characters design is creative, unfortunately the build looks quite odd without legs or any other indication of being a ghost.

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You're no match for my stand:「MECHANICAL RHYTHM」

I like this, it's simple but it has charm in its oddity.