Gearbox man!

Meet Lear, master of gears!

He has a neat function: by turning a single gear on his back…

He runs, swings his arms, swings his tail, turns his head, flaps his wings, and flips up the shoulder-mounted blasters on his shoulders, all at the same time!

So, yeah, I put four gearboxes together, and this happened. Sure, he’s silly-looking, not all that poseable, and floppy. But he’s fun!


I like this way more than I should.


While MOCs like this I usually don’t like, I really enjoy this one.

I love this just for the absolute craziness of that gear box


this, this is GLORIOUS!

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King Lear? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the clearest example of function over form. Truly the closest thing you’ll get to a fully animated bonkle

This is an abomination. What possessed you to do this!


A majestic mess of parts. Absolutely wonderful.

Oh my. What is this unholy abomination?

A mess, but a nice concept.