Gearian MK10 V2.0 (W.I.P)

ok last time I posted this guy I was a lot younger and a bit immature and I apologise for that
so with only one photo this a update/complete overhaul on my selfmoc Gearian

I’m still working on him so give me time even when my college life has kinda consumed it
once again I’m sorry for the way I acted
update: I had a lack of creativity and I hate how the arms look, I am not good at making limbs for normal sized M.O.C’s


It’s got promise!

It’s looking pretty decent right now, but the thing that I noticed right away was that his arms are way too long. His upper arms are about the correct length, but the lower arms are out of proportion.

Proper proportions for a humanoid figure like this dictate that the tips of the fingers (in this case, the bottom of the hand piece) reach only about halfway down the thigh. It looks to me like you’ll have to shorten that lower arm by at least 5 or so studs to be in proportion.

Otherwise, he doesn’t look bad. He could also use some more mass in the waist, but I know he’s not quite there yet!

Keep it up!

thanks for the advice about the arm I’m improving it

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