This is my selfmoc Gearian the machine warrior

sure he is skinny but he comes with a big gun I labelled the Elemental Blaster

the blaster is quite heavy for my M.O.C I have to bend his legs back a little just so he can hold it in a firing position


I was going to say this is a meh moc
But that Blaster is Amazin Rasins

the Blaster's power is really powerful once fired it could kill the person that is firing it since it can knock anyone off their feet and rip them apart at a insane speed
Gearian make sure he is ready to be knocked off his feet but it doesn't rip him apart due to him having near indestructible parts

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The lower legs look pretty cool,but the rest of the MOC isn't very good. He looks too simple and skeletal

the more negativity I get I will be forced to make the X series version

He looks like he was only at Leg Day for an Hour, then he got kicked out for having a weapon that was too edgy.



you just cracked me up with your comment


You Crack me up little buddy

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the blaster and the lower legs are the only good things about this.

well this is my destiny making M.O.C's so bad that I can't do anything right I GIVE UP

criticism is important. If I hadn't gotten brutal feedback on this MOC

it would have never developed into this

MOCcing is not something you just sit down and do. It takes practice, dedication, and most of all, feedback, both good and bad.


Oy, Michelangelo didn't carve David in a day, or without years of practice. Nobody's amazing at anything when they start out. What matters is that you improve on what's good, and fix or discard what's bad about your work. And it's not as if you haven't gotten positive feedback--more than one person has commented that the legs an the blaster are good. Take criticism in stride. Learn from it; don't let it stop you.

That being said, @Calvatron, I think you could have been a bit less harsh in your initial comment. True or not, it comes across as combative. Even changing your phrasing a bit to something like "The lower legs and blaster are good, but the rest really need some work" would be a lot better.


well I'm getting more negatives them positives so R.I.P Gearian death by me slamming him to the ground so his parts break

Calm down, dude. So what if not everyone likes it? You built it, and you can still take pride from the effort you put into it, even if the end result wasn't perfect. And it's not as if anyone thinks any less of you as a person because of it. People aren't criticizing you because they dislike you, they're doing it because they want your MOCing abilities to improve. And as I already said, it doesn't matter if you're not perfect. Everybody's gotta start somewhere.


ok and I'm working on a rather large M.O.C and if that doesn't turn heads and comes back in more negatives then I will quit and I'm put so much dedication in it but it's incomplete need to make the lower legs and the arms with hands

Well, it's good you're working on something ambitious. But listen to what I've been saying. Even if it' the worst MOC EVRAR (which it won't be), that's no reason to give up. It's a reason to improve. Don't quit because of the critics. Don't let random Internet strangers determine important choices.


ok and the Torso for my Selfmoc was in mocing hell for a good while due to positioning and part limitation here is a picture of it underneath the Hordika chest plate




Nobody move, ect.

I'm pulling out the one card nobody can fight.

I'm pulling out Ekorak V1.

Taken a good long look? Right. This is arguably my worst MOC ever. It's utter crap. A thrown together mess of Inikabuild pieces.

And yet, without that? I wouldn't be here. I chose to fight to be the best that I can be. And you know what? I'm still not there. But I'm sure a helluva lot close that I used to be.

What am I making today?

I'd like to present Entropy MK0.

I dunno how it looks to you, but the progress here is pretty obvious to me. Both are my Self-MOCs, and both were taken in the same corner of the same room, as far as I know. The difference is a year or two of progress.

And I'm by no means the best, and I don't believe I ever will be. It's just human nature to look up to somebody. No matter how much progress I make, I'll always be one step behind of somebody.

And that's the best part. Because if you're the best, then who's there to hold you hand when you don't know what to do? Who's there when you need help and nobody else can?

So please, don't become like other people I've seen in the past. Don't walk away because a few people decided they didn't like your MOC. And just remember, there will always be somebody to help you. You just have to be willing to accept that help.



ok, so see, this is a good basis. It honestly reminds me a lot of my self-MOC's torso. you've got good ideas, I think you just got lazy when it came to the arms and legs


oh, don't be so melodramatic.

the moc's basic, skinny, and gappy, and yet the backstory makes him incredibly op.
I don't like it,
I think the lower legs could be used on a much better moc, and the torso is creative at the very least.

you need to learn to take criticism.