Gelidus (Newest MOC)

So, since I haven’t made a MOC from scratch (being that I started something new and didn’t just add onto one I already built) in roughly 7 years, I figured a good test of what I can possibly do, see if I’ve improved at all in my thinking with parts. This is my result.

The MOC below is Gelidus, name meaning cold, freezing, icy, etc.

So to start, the concept for this guy was brought up from me pouring a bag of parts onto my table to see what I could find, and whilst digging through them Kopaka Phantoka’s mask, and a LEGO hockey chest piece ended up right next to each other. The two pieces were both white and looked rather fitting together, topped with the fact I never see any MOCs with this mask on them despite it looking pretty nifty. I also had way too many of those small white spikes, so I used some of those up as well (I also didn’t notice one fell off his chest on the right side while taking the pictures, so just pretend there’s a spike there)

He doesn’t have as much of a backstory as my older MOC’s did since I just built him to build him, though some ideas came to mind when I started making his backpack sort of armoring. Since he’s the colors of ice, obviously he’s a loner type, though he’s completely separated himself from his fellow teammates (not sure if I really want him to be a Toa, or just a wonderer) to choose his own path rather than having him be told what it is. His specialties are Stealth and ambushes from behind, whilst his weapon of choice being a sword he formed into more of a long dagger, and a mace formed entirely from ice which is chained to the bottom of the hilt. Unlike most from the frozen lands, he chose to focus more on his strength for ambushes rather than his knowledge, though he is far from dimwitted.

There are some things I know aren’t the best, such as the arms/shoulders and possibly the way I built the legs, though I’m pretty alright with the appearance, the simplistic arms and weapons I personally fee give it some character, though I’m curious what other’s think of him.


The shoulders look a little weird IMO, but apart from that it’s very good!

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Trust me, I completely agree, I’m still trying to find out new ways for well blended shoulder articulation, so his shoulders are definitely not the best at all. Thank you for the compliment on the MOC however, I’m definitely the most proud of the torso, it feels very sturdy so I’m glad that worked out.

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sick shoulder pads

The upper arms look a little weird without any armour, but apart from that, it’s a very amazing MOC!

Love the mace. I find the chest a tad bland. But still that mace.

@LurkingEhlek I can understand why it might look bland, there aren’t much colors going on with it whilst the chest itself is one piece, though I am definitely happy with it since it’s definitely stable, though oddly enough I put more detail inside of it than on it. If I ever learn how to correctly paint parts, I might add some black or possibly light clue to it to add some flair.
As for the mace, I don’t see very many of them, so I wanted to incorporate one into his weapon of choice, even if it is a bit small (might try thickening it up at some point). At first it was going to be a projectile weapon, but then I realized that would have just been boring if it was just some regular gun.

@Oniwah Thank you very much. I can understand why one wouldn’t really like the upper arms, though I’m personally alright with them. I might try to armor them up a bit more at some point, though I did want to still have some simplicity on him and hope it would look well with the rest of his body. Thank you for the compliment on the MOC either way, definitely wanting to hear what people have to say about it so I can try to better myself in MOCing.

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