General personal recap discussion.

I’ve been a member on this site for a few years now and I realize that things have changed here heavily since the tail end of G2. So this is a topic serving as a dumping ground/checkup of where you’ve been and what you’ve all been up to in recent times. Feel free to talk about anything if you wish but of course, keep it civil and leave any political and religious discussion out. Other than that, everything is fair game here. Post mocs, talk work or school, just share with the other users what you’ve been up to.

For me personally, I’ve just been working and paying bills. Spend time with friends whenever I can, and when it comes to Lego, it’s actually taken a major backseat in my life. I’m in the process of getting some old minifigures and buying bricks for some mocs, but other than that I’ve been afk from the community for around a year now. Figured I’d try jumping back in and thought this topic might be a way to start.


I’ve been really active on TTV and Mocpages, and doing school.

two weeks from now!

This topic isn’t really necessary. I’m just gonna shut it down

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