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I believe the current explanation is that their powers are a corruption of their original element. (The element going to the “dark side”). This would mostly be from Makuta’s influence slowly eating at them while they go through with their Brotherhood duties.

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Yes, their powers are a corruption of their original elements. However it has never been established when they gain the ability to use them.

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Has it been established whether the Vako and the Fire Spitters the same creatures?

The current story bible describes the Fire-spitters as “The Firespitter is a dragon-like creature whose nest is located deep in the core of the Great Volcano”(p6-7).

Vako are later described as “reptilian creatures that dwelled deep in the caverns of the great volcano”(p26-27)

In an earlier passage, there are references to these creatures as Fire Spitters:
“Narmoto, a Mangaian general, leads an unadvised attack against a Firespitter, which drives the creature into the mountains of Ihu.” (p22)

Later in the Civil War passage, Vako are described as:

“aggressive in nature but mostly harmless so long as no one got too close. It became apparent, however, that the number had grown exponentially and the volcano was no longer enough to sustain their increased populace.” (p26)

Which matches the initial description of the Firespitters in the Mangai section

"…Able to withstand intense heats and known for their rapid breeding cycles, the fire spitters have become a large nuisance to the people of Mangai. In recent years their growth has greatly threatened the city states, leading to a region-wide war against the rahi with efforts to rid the region of them entirely. " (p6-7)

Does that mean that “Fire Spitter” is just a common name for Vako, which is the proper name of the species?


I believe the two are synonymous, Vako being the proper name and Fire Spitter being cultural slang.

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Yeah, they are the same species.

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Thank god.
Well, the cast didn’t say that they weren’t when tgey covered tge Vako Nest…

Well, they were the same thing, originally. I’m not sure if they are phasing out the term Vako entirely, since they use it less and less. But yes, like the others have said, Vako would be the technical name and Fire Spitter is the common name.


Updated from the recent podcast.
I want to add little tidbits from the parts where this thread is not directly mentioned but it takes too much time.
Trying the link to the timestamp on the video. might break after today and might not be worth it. Let me know what you think

In the last podcast, there was a mention of Brickonicle possibly branching out into a more cosmic setting. Would there be any opposition towards bringing in villains such as the Bohrok into the universe as some sort of alien threat?

We all know that Brickonicle as we know it now will change. So I am not sure how this thread will continue and how it will change according to that.

Either way, I will continue to maintain the thread and edit the main post with unanswered and answered questions. I hope Brickonicle continues to live on in one form or another, even if the podcast format was flawed, it was a useful way to keep track of the information and answer questions posted by the community.

Either way, I guess the question I now have is, will Brickonicle continue as a cooperative proyect between several cast members? or will one member will take charge of the entire universe?

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I’m assuming it’ll just go back to being part of the podcast, but it’s definitely still continuing.

Maybe it’ll just be a Boards thing…

I cannot remember if this was asked here before, but does the lightning God is cannon? Does the lightning God create the lightning Toa? If the elemental Gods are the cooperative work of Makuta and Ekimu, then how did Karzhani make the lightning God? Can he replicate both powers? Wouldn’t Ekimu and makuta become suspicius when a seventh elemental God makes a seventh Toa?

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I would think Karzahni just makes the Matoran, so there wouldn’t be an Elemental Lord of Lightning. My headcanon is that Makuta turns Voriki into a synthetic Toa in an attempt to counter the real Toa. So an Elemental Lord wouldn’t be required.

Either that, or Makuta makes Voriki a Toa by creating a new Elemental Lord to grant the power. But such an Elemental Lord would probably be fully loyal to Makuta since its purpose isn’t to keep balance like the others, and thus has no reason to rebel. However, since Makuta is against making excessive sentience, I would think the first option fits better.

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Last I remember all the lightning matoran had died a long long time ago. Leaving Voriki as the last one.

Not sure on all the other things, but then if Voriki was made by makuta after Makuta was imprisoned, then she never participated on the war against the brothers.
I was curious because all lightning matoran are created by Karzahni.

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I even thought I heard a (dark) idea that Voriki killed all of the other Matoran as a result of madness, though that was suggested when the Mask Control would be in Elisia…

What is the story on the Mask of Control? I thought it was fused to Tren Krom or something like that.

I didn’t mean that Voriki was made by Makuta… but that her Toa form was. She was a Matoran with the rest of her tribe, made by Karzahni. My thought about Makuta was that he discovers her still alive after he is brought back (probably while searching for his mask). He then turns her into a Toa to deal with the other Toa, since he would still be too weak to do it himself. He could then remain behind the scenes to set up more events.

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I see, I misunderstood then.
Yeah, that part is still a grey undecided area. At least from the people who decided cannon.
It was never explained how the lightning toa was created.

I want to ask: What are the collectibles in each year? It is a theme in all Bionicle to have to collect something. We had that for most of the first years: kanohi, great kanohi, kanoka, krana, kraata, Rhotuka, squid, zamor spheres, and so on.

Yes, that was a double post. -Prentice1215

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