Genesis: Elder Of Life

Genesis is one of two brothers, him and his brother Armageddon. Just to let you know the name means nothing, it's just something to put down, other then Genesis

A bit of story here, Genesis and Armageddon are the ones who made the Elemental weapon, and pick the Guardians. But unlike the Guardians, Genesis and Armageddon don't have elemental powers, but can use the weapons

Genesis has a robot left arm, which he lost in battle by his brother, Armageddon

and it can turn in to a sword

I did the sword simple, because other versions did not look just as good

Here's Genesis with his brother Armageddon

Well that's it for know, let me know on what you think, and I'll be back with more


This is really cool

Rip in blue pins

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This guy is neat. But blue pins.

Mother of Geezmarelly...


The MOC has a shweet build, a fantastic weapon, and some nice lil' greebles and for all of those things, I think it's fantastic. :smile:

He's alright. I'd expect life to either be fully gold, or have some sort of accent, either rainbows or basically be light, or something idk

Still good

I feel the undying need to see him in this pose


symbolism intensifies

Looking pretty regal and whatnot, if still not the most fleshed out and pleasing to the eye. I would suggest trying to tidy up your style a bit, possibly if it's just replacing the blue and grey pins or hiding them. The color scheme isn't used all that much, it's a shame the greys break it up so much.

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The word Genesis actually Means the beginning of something, or the creation of something that wasn't there before, or something like what I just said.
By the way cool MOC.
What @Hawkflight said.

The build of this looks very nice!

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Lookin' regal here.
I really like this moc, the chest and the legs are very well crafted and shaped. The arms, while being simpler than the rest, look cool too.
Not a fan of his weapon, tho. I would have used some kind of halberd to be honest. Not that the sword is a bad choice, I'm just not a fan of the execution.
Also, I don't know why but he looks like an evil being.

Lookin' good, lookin' real good! Everything just works for me, but I have to say I don't care for the feet.

Looks pretty nice! but I am not a huge fan of the legs, exposed pins bug me, and these ones are yah. lower arms need bulk and custom hands would really help here.

This is really good looking. It's amazing. The torso is really great. I love the choice of the sword as well. :smile:


Take the trophy.

I love everything about this MOC. Especially the feet. The feet are very cool.

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