Gerritok, Toa of Molybdenum


This Toa is part of my Toa team. His specialty is weaponry, as evidenced by his arsenal of weapons.

Tell me what you think!


The distribution of color could use some work, especially the overdose of silver on the chest and the mask being the only black piece of armor. other than that, and him being a bit simple, it’s a good moc.


Thanks! I don’t have much ccbs armor, so I didn’t have enough Maroon or white.

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lack of parts in colors you want is a challenge almost everyone faces.


I mean looks kinda badic, and the colors while consistent are all ober the place, you could rearrenge that.

The colors look a bit weird together to me

@White_Rainbow did you mean basic or bad

Basic. That’s why I said basic and not bad, cause if I mesnt bsd I would have said bad and not basic. However I mean basic, which is why I wrote it, otherwise I-

I think it would be better if you tried to arrange them better but otherwise the build is pretty standard.

His color scheme is all over the place. That’s the biggest issue right off the bat.
His weapons work well, although the stars Skrall sword is probably not the best choice.
I personally feel that he’s a bit too broad, especially in the shoulders.
He needs work, but don’t give up!

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The colors seem a bit confused, you should probably put another red and whit armor on his other shoulder.The build, though a bit basic looking, does work for what it is.

The shoulders are, ah, a tad broad,
The assymetrical armor doesn’t really work.
The color placement needs work.

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Nice moc man the colors are kinda in weird places but other then good job!

Thanks! As I said before, I don’t have much ccbs but I really wanted to use the Maroon and white.

The upper torso doesn’t flow well with the lower, but I really like this!

The color scheme is cool, but the distribution is eh…

I’ve officially decided this moc is a testament to my severe dearth of ccbs shells.

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