Ghosts of Iron (Custom Story)

Sorry if the spelling\punctuation is off haven't slept right and I've been getting back into bionicle lately so hope you enjoy I am presently building all characters mentioned in the story
Anyone with ideas for the fate of the characters please share them I'm open to ideas and advice.

We watched as our kin fell to the plague, we were immune after all I stayed behind to bury those whom we had lost while the others tinted their armor to look like they were born of fire and not forged in iron. I didn't leave I stayed and protected the graves and empty dwellings of the once proud people. When the great beings were forging the element lords I was approached by a traveler named Akimas who was in need of water, I gave him water with no cost I had no need for any extra water. Akimas smiled and asked me if I had aspirations of power. I was taken back but I replied yes he showed me images of Iron tribe members being cast out in to the desert forced to become petty bandits and slavers. He then showed me an image of a world where the Iron Tribe was immune to the plague. I was very curious and he saw my bewildered look and smiled sadly he claimed he had stolen something of value and that if he didn't give it to someone he feared he would die. I asked him what he had stolen , he handed me a box that had a grey light emanating from inside. He said he was exiled years ago because he had been caught stealing I asked him with growing concern what he had stolen he responded with a determined tone in his voice "The Heart of Iron"

He asked if I wanted to be one of the lords ,become the one who never should have existed . He also told me that the universe he showed me could be reached. I told him that I wanted to be the champion that the people needed to rally behind. I asked him why he hadn't used it. He told me that the pain of having your body morphed into an element would be painful to say the least.

Without warning I opened the box grabbed the heart and smashed it and at that moment my pain couldn't be described I had the horror of having my limbs morph and grow while having metals of all sorts burned into my newly grown limbs. When I awoke I felt heavy and taller. Akimas stared in shock and bowed hailing me as "The Lord of Iron".



When you say "Ghosts of Iron", I think Nynrah ghosts, not Iron Tribe.

Try to rewrite it with improved punctuation when you have the chance. Can't really develop an opinion on it otherwise.

I think Ghosts of Onyx, a Halo book I have yet to read

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