Ghuus, The Pizza Man

I owed ya one, buddies. So here’s one.

This is Ghuus, pronounced with a long uh sound. He is a ta-matoran known for crafting very fine delicacies, such as pizza.

Also, he is a close relative of Balta, in case anyone was wondering why they look so similar. Here’s him from a Brave Perspective.

I forgot to say that he is closely associated with a small group of rahaga, and uses his pizza company to assist in their money laundering scheme.

Kitchen conundrum.

Oh yeah did I mention this guy kind of sucks? Oh well, he wasn’t worth the week long wait.


I love this.


Brilliant. Have you already posted the shark, or can you post an image of just it? It looks cool.

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I have plans, you’ll see…

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Pizza time


That’s no pizza!

Balta, get us some pizza!

What next? a landscape artist!? Your frightful imagination knows no bounds

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