Giant (Anime)Mech topic!


Anyone wanna talk about the mechs from, say, Gundam, Gurren Lagaan, Code Geass and/or some other series(Evangelion don't count since they' things)



forgot about those...

Thanks Lelouch!

I'm a mecha noob. The only mecha series I have completed are Evangelion, Gurren Lagann and Break Blade. I've watched the first episode of Bokurano and Eureka Seven and a few more of Infinite Stratos. (I've also watched Gatchaman Crowds, but I don't think it counts.)

Does anyone else know Break Blade (also known as Broken Blade)? It's a really solid mecha series with all your favourite tropes (not that it's a bad thing stuck_out_tongue) and it's by Production I.G with a movie budget. I had been reading the manga, and a few months back I found out it was adapted into six or so films, and later on they were merged into a TV series this spring. I liked the series a whole lot, and the mecha designs were neat.
Here's a link to Bakashift's review on the films in case anyone's interested.


I know of all of those.

And I have no idea what they are really.

Has anyone here played Airmech? Its a game about flying, transforming mechs, similar to Herzog Zwei. It's kind of anime.