Giant Hafynx

I decided to make a bigger version of my earlier MOC, Hafynx. The colour scheme stayed the same but the distribution of the colours has been altered a little bit. For example, there is a lot less yellow.

I gave him a custom built head and torso, and the limbs are my own design as well!!
Tell me what you think below.


looks alright, the torso seems a little odd compared to the arms and legs


He looks sweet mang!

I'd prefer if he had more yellow in his.color scheme, as it makes him stand out more. As for the rest of the MOC, the custom built limbs and head look good and I like that it still retains the pudgy torso.

Kardymis v2 will be uploaded soon. Everything but the upper torso and sword have been rebuilt, and the spelling of the name has even changed slightly. (A pretty big update)

Like the claw, the torso and the legs.
The head would be better if it had a smoother plate in place of the stud covered one.