Giganite and Jack members of the X squad

Giganite is a smart, agile and level headed scientist here at the X squad, he always has a plan and normally, it always works, he's definitely somewhere between Toa mahri and 08 toa nuva and is equal to most of the nightmare forces members or lords, he does have a disadvantage by wearing little armour but that doesn't stop him from fighting, and failure isn't a word in his dictionary pal, you want to fight him, he'll gladly take the challenge.

Jack, an unintelligent fighter but he doesn't care about that, his method is to box and punch the life out of his enemies, if an 02 toa nuva kaita or 02 tahu popped into an Exo-toa armour, jack would probably win, he may not be as smart as everyone else but he's still as powerful as most of the nightmare forces lords, and if comes for you, he's gonna knock you down.

Both of them shall be known as heroes in the history books and will be known as heroes of the X squad.


More 2.0 heros. Just more 2.0 heros. Gigantes is the most interesting of the two but unfortunately not good. I know they're just some run of the mill canister characters but I'm not impressed at all.
Gigantes I don't even know what to make of him. Barely anything I could call a torso and things as weapons.
You're saying Jack is just a stupid brute so he needs to be bigger in order to look the part becuase build wise it doesn't look like he could beat 1 bohrok let alone exo suit nuva tahu or nuva Kaita.

I'd recommend bricklinking some technic parts / g1 and g2 bionicle so your Mocs aren't just hf rehashes. Ccbs by itself doesn't work.


They feel really simple, get creative with the skeletons, that would really help. Also some more images for both would be nice and a bit better focus, the colors seem a lot better.

So personality-wise they're basically Nidhiki and Krekka?

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Guys my more creative canister sets I will show today this afternoon, and I might be able to include a certain swordsman I want to show you guys.