I haven't posted any of my other main characters, so I think it's time I show off my second most recognised MOC, Gigarahk.

I'm currently figuring out a new backstory as to how a normal rahkshi became the massive bruiser you can see above, but that doesn't hinder anything else about his characteristics.

He is a powerhouse, relying mainly on hand-to-hand combat and heavy weaponry to get the job done. Despite his looks, he is intelligent, not only able to speak and hold conversations, but has also shown his capacity for activities like hobbies... but still enjoys hunting. He can track a target with great accuracy and often looks for the biggest challenge when he goes out to collect trophies. His short temper and sensitivity to insults can often get him into trouble just as much as it can get him out of it. The most surprising factor about him is that he has set aside his previous goals and ambitions to work alongside Toa, namely Kyrak and his disfuncuntional team. (It is assumed that this is either due to his rivalry with Bohrok Titan, or his affections for a Toa out of his league.)

The defining weapon Giga has is the large claw-like cannon on his left wrist, which he and many others have come to call the "Giga Cannon". When activated, it will charge up a powerful electric ball that will erupt into a beam of condensed energy. While it's strength aries on the charge time, it's current peak has been able to destroy a small island.

A feature added in the last update of his build was the drone. The small device fits into the compartment in his back and acts as recon during hunts.

He also has another feature, where he can split into a smaller version similar to his original form. While not as strong as his larger self, he can still be a threat under the right circumstances.

And finally, here is a shot of all of the separate parts that make Giga what he is (MOC-wise).

As a closing on this version of him, he is getting closer to the rahkshi I had imagined years ago, but isn't quite there. I'm working out what to do to his arms, but for now they'll just have to work as well as they have been. (It's not the strength of the joints, rather just the size.)


Hmmmm, on the body nothing really flows, it's just a mangle of edges and points. I don't like the feet all to much either.


EDIT: wait, Velociraptor legs, 9/10


he's made of knives and random parts that somehow stay symmetrical

his mini form seems alright, if not weird and messy

I'd give it a 6 or 7

t's time for a quick KARP/10 review. (K.A.R.P. Kool, And, Rad, Playa!)

Is it Kool And Rad? Yes. Good work Playa!

I give it a WHATareTHOOOSE!!!/10


Holy cow! This is one of the best rahkshi Mocs I've seen in a while! I have always wanted to see a good quality better version of the Stars rahkshi and this is it! The only down side is he I s still tiny and doesn't have the rahkshi build when he's taken out of the mech, so overall I would give him a 7/10 keep doing great Mocs like these @OscartheChinchilla

He Has a Gundam
Daia Would love that

This is a pretty cool MOC. A little more detail on the original form this would be perfect. 9/10 smiley

Nice! I luv it.

Wow, this is cool.
scrolls down
This is a really awesome looking MOC.

Love those Axon hands man.

The Bulk!

I love it.

That is all.

nah man, this is like a power loader or something

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This reminds me of a Bayformer for some reason.

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And your saying that's a bad thing?

Not necessarily.


This is amazing. I'd happily take it off your hands. wink

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wets self out of pure fear

A rahkshi fell into a vat of radioactive steroids.


Well anyway Daia will have it