Give Compliments!

I came up with a brilliant, insomnia induced way to spread happy-cheer through the boards!

So, here's how this works:
One person can nominate two people to give each other compliments, of any kind, via tagging them. If you are tagged, you compliment the person who you were tagged with. =P
Pretty simple.
You can also just compliment anyone just because you want to be nice.

Here we go!

I nominate @Hawkflight and @Ekorak to be nice people to each other.
I also think they both make really cool-looking MOCs, despite style differences.


I'm actually gonna close this topic unless one of the other admins re-opens it. I feel that this can get a little out of hand with people just patting themselves on the back. The topic will likely just end with ego boosting than actual compliments, unfortunately. I believe the intention was good, but I don't believe at this point in time that it'll be anything other than self-congratulations and the like. Sorry!