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I didn’t see a topic for this game, so I decided to make one. Here we can all discuss this… thing. I don’t think this game is anywhere near good, but it’s at least playable, and I actually had some fun unlocking the achievements and characters (Until I realized they’re all the same). So, what do you think of this game? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Discuss!

Pretty neat, but it came down to using the thornrax at the right time.


I remember playing this a lot, but I haven’t played in a while, so I don’t remember the gameplay much.

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never actually seen it

I’ve played all three.

In my opinion, #3 was best, as it added a number of things like the kick. Even if they kind of glitched the game and made it so that Strakk can’t hit Malum with a thornax.

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In my opinion, the combat was pretty clunky and slow, but the best parts were when you could go outside of the area and talk to Agori. It added a lot of world building to the game. Overall 4.5/10

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I don’t remember this

When did this happen?

Play the first one, and click the door on the right of you’re Glatorian and it should give you options to fight, play a minima, or go outside the arena.

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It wasn’t actually too bad of a game.
The Thornrax was so hard to time right though…
And for some reason, I sucked when playing as skrall.


You can do the same thing in the second one too.

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Do any of you know what to do if the agori text doesn’t appear? They won’t talk to me for some reason. Jerks.

Resurrecting this topic, I guess? Looking for some tech savvy answers, I’m trying to begin modding Glatorian Arena, but I’m running into dead ends. I wanna start off small, just swapping out models, then move onto a bigger overhaul. If anyone could offer some assistance or instructions with this endeavor, I would greatly appreciate it.