Glatorian Gelu

Another Bionicle Art Squad inspired project. I've been trying to make about one finished sketch a week, so the weekly challenge works well into that.

Anyhow, here's Gelu without any of his weapons.


I feel like the snowflake aesthetic could be a little more defined on the helmet, as in the set. However, it may look kind of silly given the perspective of the drawing.
I really like this, especially that skin-and-armor feel for him. Great work! smile

Gelu has magic fire?

Nice drawing of Gelu!

Great, Gelu became an Priest (unless he always was an priest! :o well, idk couse Glatorian story was meh)

Preety good drawing Kahi!
Also, what is with All TTV members drawing preety cool? (you, Ven, Var...) ;n;

This is really good!

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MORTAL KOMBAT !!!!!!!!! gelu

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That's awesome. Love the icy fire thing.

Something seems off about the neck. Otherwise, this is pretty swey +1

Quite like the take on the aesthetic. Mechanical, but organic. Nice work.