Glatorian: Hefelen

Hello! This is the first MOC I am putting on the boards, so... yeah. And sorry for the bad photo quality. :sob:

front view:

side view:

back view:

So she, one the few female glatorian, is of the iron tribe. But she left her tribe to battle in the arena right before the dreaming plague started, and she lived. When she returned she found her tribe empty. She became a rouge glatorian. When she went to a nearby tribe, they kicked her out, and tried to kill her. In her travels, she found a new weapon, which blasted energy. Also, she found the valley of the maze. She lived there for years, before Pridak came, a raving lunatic. he attacked her, before she hit him with a blast of energy. she took a sword, the only one surviving the blast. later some toa found her and took her back into society.

any thoughts? Questions? your opinion is appreciated. Thank you.

Also, she has a mask of speed that she found at the valley. Also, an Agori with the strange colour scheme of orange and grey helped he find new armor.


I'd suggest changing the chest plate to the one from grinder or basher so the red colors work better and better lower legs because the rakshi ones seem out of place other that that decent moc :smile:

and welcome to the boards!

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He's been on the Boards for quite a while now. :wink:


Hey! someone agrees with me! the chest plate on her is (sadly) my last one. :cry:

oh lol xD

Not a fan of the Solek mask, it honestly feels like the MOC would be better suited to having the Pridak mask, especially given you've used Pridak's weapon. Just doesn't fit with the colour scheme and general sleekness of the rest of the MOC.

Other than that i do like the design, the Lewa chest plate feels a little awkward though i suppose it cant really be helped due to the lack of a silver and white chest piece for the Toa. The back looks a little awkward, personally I'd flip the big red foot around so its pointing downwards.

Though it think it has the makings of a good MOC and would like to see more MOC's from you, so keep it up :smile:

It's been a while since I've seen one of these!

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Pretty good, but the hero factory armor just looks slapped on and just doesn't look good mixed with the bionicle. I would have at least added some 2015 toa armor so the detailed g1 bionicle look doesn't just stop abruptly into the smooth hf armor.

Also what's with the matoran feet on the back? It leaves 2 open sockets and just looks out of place.

But for the limited peices (correct me if I'm wrong, it just looks like you may not have a lot of bionicle g1 parts.) it's pretty good. I always like the hf gun barrel look and I guess given her story the weapon looks good, like she took if off a rahi.

RIP Skull Slicer's past

The moc doesn't really scream "glatorian" to with that blaster, and sleek armor he kinda looks more futuristic rather than a barbaric rugged warrior of the arena. The sword and the lean legs are the only things that could relate to that IMO

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Coming out with a some updates on her. She is almost done!

the color sceme reminds me of kahi, so -3/10

I'm joking it's cool, but the mask, the mask, THE MASK!!!!!

uhh, also are you sure this isn't red and white? because I don't see any orange. If this comes of as insulting, who knows, I might be color blind, I am a green bird with a black hoodie cape after all.