Glow the Thinkerer

So i intended to post this MOC in a looong while but i didn’t have the time to do so. I was messing around with some pieces and this is what i made.

His name is glowy. He has no face, like slenderman. His “face” glows a bright green, because he is made of pure energy.

He has a supplement spine, that helps his movement. Those tubes are veins where his energy is flowing in.

Glow has a mask that he uses when forging and fighting (that i drybrushed myself :smiley:), that helps not getting his energy corrupted. It can open and close, it stays closed when in storage or when on top of the head.
Please tell me what is the one that looks better of the open ones.


With mask on;

Pointing :joy:;

Running pose (love the mechanical detail, they resemble pistons and stuff. Those rockets on his feet and the protrusions on his back are supposed to make him more aerodynamic, on the drawing i made it looks better ;-;);

At first i intended to use the silver mask of light but its SO GOD DANG BIG. And i love how, despite not having a face, the emotions he can show just by posing :imp:

He can use his own “energy veins” as wips, which is awesome.

When he is almost dead, he can store all his energy on his mask, which turns into a kanohi that can function as a “inner spirit”, that will appear in another Matoran or Toa’s inner world, that will plead for help to fix his friend once someone touches it or puts it on. If the person is rude to the spirit, it will force the Matoran/Toa to help, possessing him/her. For a greater good, it is.

So, thanks for reading. It’s a simple build and i didn’t put any work in it, but i just though i would share it with y’all. Have a sitting Glow!

Again, thanks for reading, and i’ll be open to some critcs! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it is nice even if it is simple.


@Tarkur wow so fast! thank you, you are really cool
@AdventurerA wow thanks, and i know the secondary color i just dont have more white pieces ;-;

by the way i notice that with the finishing of the reviews on TTV youtube channel, the community got smaller. A year ago or more a minute after the post i (and others) got like 8-9 comments. maybe im wrong but it just looks like it

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No problemo.

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So he looks cool now with a lot better build then most HF. But I think if you spent some more time on him pick white or gold as a secondary color I think he would look a lot cooler. But good job

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