God of War

With the announcement of a fourth game, taking place in a nordic setting, I decided to make a topic for the franchise

A violent, modern video game series in which a man named Kratos, cursed and surrounded by misfortune, survives as a warrior, fighting mythical creatures, the greek pantheon and going against fate itself in order to avenge his wife and daughter, whose ashes and blood forever stain his body

frankly I’ve yet to try a game, but I’ve seen it and been interested. Definitely brutal



The game is definetly a Must-play if you have Ps2/3/4.

The story is really well made, although the game is 95% Killing in so many ways possible you can’t even remember why are you killing them.

Gameplay wise… It’s very good, but it can get very repetitive over time.

I’m not sure about this new one though, the change of setting and mythology seems good to me, but it feels a little odd the way they implemented it.

Definetly looking forward to play it!

where else could they have gone at the end of GoW3? Rome? Africa? Egypt? Asia?

I honestly was expecting it to be Norse Mythology, but it kinda looks out of place.

Y’know, because GoW was always Greek and such and i got used to it.

Don’t get me wrong the new theme works and the history seems more interesting already. (imo)

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I would like to see an Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, or Babylonian setting.

I would go with Aztec, it is by Faaaar the most brutal mythology I know about, and there is plenty of opportunity for weirder stuff, look up images of Coatlicue (that isn’t pronounced how you think it is btw)

yeah but

that’s a long ways away from what’s left of Greece

Speaking as someone who has made the trip from Greece to Scandinavia, that journey is almost as hard, either traverse the whole of Europe or sail around it? Not easy.
in any case these are gods were talking about…

Neve played this series before, but the new one looks interesting so I guess it’s high time to play it now. Besides Norse mythology and nordic setting is pretty much all it takes for me to take an interest.

so… would ya consider looking back at all the games before to get a view/scope as to what you’re getting into?

Oh yes absolutely, that’s what I meant. Always considered doing that before just to see what the fuzz is about if nothing else, but now I’ll definitely do it.

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alright chose words

Brutal slaughter of mythical beasts, gods, story, and general destruction/killing in Greece

you can go in release order, or…chronological(in game) story-

God of War: Ascension, God of War: Chains of Olympus(Optional), God of War 1, God of War: Ghosts of Sparta(I believe it’s optional/non-canon but IDK), God of War 2, then God of War: 3 and then wait for the new one

that’s all I know though
though I guess I can suggest you go by release order
otherwise I think there’s comics and stuff, but that’s about it

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