Gods of mythology: Rhaea (aka Rhaea v2)

made for the gods of mythology community post.
My chosen build for the group was a Valkyrie. Unless you count high school dxd born I have almost no knowledge minus the fact they're females only and are basically Norse Angels. Feel free to add or correct me in the comments. I just searched Google and matched my previous rhaea build to the images.

Her shield can deploy a battle axe and she also has a knife stored on her.

I forgot to post it but becuase I could one arm can flip out a small blaster thing.

It also shows the connection piece that lets her hold her sword and axe.

My references


Not so much a fan of this back here. Think you can find a way to smooth it out here?

Apart from that she's lloking awesome. Really improved over the original. Are the armour shells white or the new tan ones from Grievous?

Looks good. My suggestions would be to improve the back of legs and to stick with one shade of Gold. All in all, she looks pretty grand.

Gringat; thanks. I used the grevious tan as from what I've seen Valkyrie armor is somewhat revealing. I'll try with her legs but I couldn't figure out a solid way of building them and covering them without them being too big

Dr Chronos; thanks. my idea is that iruini gold is the main plating and the brutaka gold starting at the ankle cuffs is the trim / details. I wish g1 would've stuck with one gold or release some old parts in brutaka gold.

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looks good!

'es good