Gogma Frog [LDD]

Gogma Frog 1
Gogma Frog 2
Gogma Frog 3


Oh my gosh.
This is beautiful.
In an ungainly froglike way.

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I can't get over the fact that it has a mustache. very cool.

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Beautiful shaping.

The back legs don't really look frog-like though

That is a great design, the back legs are a little uncharacteristic though.

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Is weird
but I like

It's amazing. Very well done! It almost looks like it has a green moustache

This is adorable! Just add maybe, like one more joint to the back legs and it'll be perfect.

This is fantastic, such a great use of that larger CCBS chest plate and those Technic panels for some all around great shaping.

I feel as though the back feet should be bigger than the front ones, but aside from that THIS IS AMAZING IT'S A FREAKING CCBS FROG!

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Oh wow.
That's really cool. I like the name, too. Though I think the back should be rounder, it looks kinda flat.

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Cool and cute! :clap:

Really cool, reminds me of the frog from pan's labyrinth

absolutely brilliant shaping

Oh my god, this is wonderful. GG.

I Love frogs so this is just amazing to me!:grin:

oh my god I know I have the word death in my username but this thing is so dam cute!!