Gold ancient protectors and makuta the mask maker

So here are my golden ancient protectors who were all trained by makuta as the silvers were trained by Ekimu. Before he put the mask of ultimate power he controlled them so they would delay the others as he wanted to use them as generals in his rule.
so lets go

Makuta the mask maker. Now he is not 100% accurate but i wanted a more jagged, rougher mask maker than Ekimu.


These guys are really cool, they definitely look like the Protectors’ original designs, I also like gold skull villain armour pieces on Makuta. They work well to differentiate him from Ekimu.

Ohhhhhhh they’re like royal guard upgrades, I like it!

Best usage of gold that I’ve seen! Maybe except for the blue one (is it Kivoda or some other protector of water?).