Golden Skinned Being/Skakdi Fusion

My second moc I made. I would have my first moc post be my actual first post, but I could not (since I destroyed it) but this one I still love. It’s also my mother’s favorite lego creation of mine. The Golden Skinned Being, for those of you who don’t know, was made from placing a Zyglak, a Vortixx (or is it vortik? Not sure…) one of Krekka’s species and five of the six piraka in a vatt of energized protodermis. Zaktan is also part of the fusion since but he was stuck as a cloud of protodite when he joined the fusion, and thus, barely changed the fusion. The Golden Skinned Being had the ability to grant dreams, among other things and had an army of skakdi and a fortress on spherus magna. Not to mention the five enslaved to a Mahri he had. I built this moc because I thought it was an awesome character and I felt it was a a shame that so few people know about it. I make much better mocs now, for this moc contains a basic inika build an ccbs in the arms, but I still felt it was worth posting. He has a weapon I made up called the blade of dreams and it can turn into another fantasy weapon, the dream extractor, by turning the hilt.


Pics could be a lot better, right now it’s alright


I would also like to mention that personally, I believe that Zaktan is in control of the fusion, since he was not a necessity of the fusion. Also the legs and face (obviously) are custom painted.

My own purist bias aside

painting all those pieces gold en masse as you did just seems…lazy

Like, wanting a particular part in gold is one thing

but just making a MOC of whatever colors

and then drenching the whole thing in gold?

IDK how to explain, but I can’t say I’m a fan.

Like, maybe it’s just me, or your lights, but it looks like even the parts that come in gold have been sprayed over.


Wasn’t Thok’s spine available in that gold?

Originally, I was using pieces that were actual pearl gold. But I ran out. Plus, need I remind you this was my second moc. I was not a skilled biulder. (:smiley:

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead Yes…

Edited for Double Post.

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…Then shouldn’t you’ve used that? I mean, even if you don’t have it, bricklink exists.

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I just looked that up. I wish I knew sooner! I’ll probably remake this at some point.

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Glad I could help.

Looks nice, I can envision this being how the GSB would look.


Thank you. Those are the kind of comments that make me want to post.

Great representation of the worst plot point in gen one.

Reminds me a lot of Edictarts.

It looks like a good moc. Nice job

This is exactly how I had imagined it to look.

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I got to say this looks great.
Nice interpretation but the colors don’t look gold to me.

It’s custom painted. The light makes it look a little bit brighter (especially on the piraka spine). So that’s the explanation for the color variance. Different pigments.

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