Good Bionicle G1 Sets ideas

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I see that there exist a topic with Hero Factory sets that were never released. This topic is almost the same thing, but with Bionicle G1. Post here your ideas for good Bionicle G1 sets ideas that were never released. Here are mines:

Spherus Magna:

  1. The Great Beings.
    The Great Beings are on top of my list Because you could very easy make sets for them. They could be just some Glatorians with some new Masks/Helmets. There are 6 canonized GB: Angoce, Heremus, Velika, the Cursed GB and another two without a name. I think the first 4 could have sets in 2010.

  2. Agori:
    Kyry, Lein, Kirbold and the Hero Agori, all of them in 2009/2010.

  3. Glatorians:
    Certavus is my only choice.

  4. Elemental Lords:
    All of them in 2010. Just imagine: 7 Titans with great textures and new pieces…

  5. Others:
    I would love to have sets for Annona, the Baterras, the Marendar, the Sisters of the Skrall and Surel, all of them in 2009/2010.

2009 and 2010 could have tons of great sets! :sob:

Matoran Universe:

  1. Great Spirit:
    Six bigger sets who, united would make the Giant Great Spirit Robot. On in a year.

  2. Toa:
    Helryx (2008), the rest of the Toa Cordak (2007), the rest of the Toa Hagah (2005), the rest of the mane Toa Mangai (2004/2005) AND TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF OTHER TOA! Really! Do you saw this list?

  3. Turaga:

  4. Factions:

  • The Barraki in the normal form
  • Hand of Artakha members
  • Brotherhood of Makuta members
  • Dark Hunters
  • Order of Mata Nui Members
  1. Others:
  • Artakha (2008)
  • The Energized Protodermis Being (2008)
  • Karzahni (the normal form, 2006)
  • Morbuzakh (2004)
  • Nektan (a serious set, 2006)
  • Tren Krom (2008)

But this are just mines. What are yours?


I want a shadow toa Ahkmou wearing a corrupted lhikan hau

This is a great idea! But it is not canon…

Actually lego had plans for ahkmou to be a shadow toa! Remember the leech that infected takanuva? It was aimed for ahkmou


Toa Tuyet and an actual set of alternate universe Makuta.


Couldn’t agree more. Personally I would really love to see Gavla, Radiak, and Kirop as normal av-matoran. I’ve always been a little curious as to how those dudes would look like in that form.


The Barraki in their non-mutated forms. I wanted this so much I actually made MOCs for them… so maybe I wouldn’t want those as sets since it would invalidate my MOCs. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I would probably say my top picks would be some of the other non-Team-affiliated Toa that we never got an official depiction of. Helryx, Tuyet, the Yesterday Questers, Varian.

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I want the dead Mahritoran. This one-

No reason, I just want that one in particular.
But yeah, these are generally good set ideas. Wish I could’ve bought them.

This Matoran could have a new mask! Great idea!