Good Guy and Bad Guy from Karzahni's Realm?

The Good Guy and Bad Guy Promo sets are incomplete, is there maybe an option that they are those matoran who lived in the realm of Karzahni? (except The Gold Good Guy because it is already confirmed as Turaga Lhikan)

Karzahni was a realm in the Matoran Universe with strange geographical features. In Matoran legend, it was where lazy and poor workers were sent and tortured by its ruler Karzahni, after whom the land was named. However, in reality, it was a place where damaged Matoran would be sent for repairs.

(source: The Bionicle Wiki)

This topic is to make those wierd promo sets canon.

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I just wanted to chime in to say that, while the information you posted about Karzahni is correct, Biosector01 is a much more reliable source than the Bionicle Wiki - there’s never any reason to use the latter over the former.

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