GoodGuy2006’s Price Estimate Topic

try me

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Im a modder

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if i have absolutely zero idea on a value i’ll look it up
i don’t know furnishings
i put a penny a maverick

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laughs in modded longshot

laughs in selling all my nerf and never looking back

well, I mean thats fair

How much money will one human soul get me?


@Winger bad choice
you’re going to college, aren’t you?

Winger’s younger than me.

It’s a yes or no question

depends on the quality
did the previous owner read the bible?


i can’t give a value to a soul i don’t know the quality of
so, do you want me to value something?

No i didn’t read the bible

youch that lowers the value
so how long has the soul been outside of the body?

not as of now, I just tripped onto this topic and saw your nerf pricing specialty

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It left 3 weeks ago. I dont know when @N01InParticular found it

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so, a three week old no-bíblico grade soul?
they’re really only good for the first three days.
you could get… oh, i don’t know…
$10 for it

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this is a scam

i just haven’t been given anything good to price out

you just want to be jschlatt