Gôrgon the Gargantuan Gouger

I was never a huge fan of the rubber masks that came with this Toa series. I love that they tried something new. But I think they missed the mark in the execution of the idea.

This mask in particular always bugged me because it’s clearly sculpted with armor pieces on top of the reptilian flesh. Yet the whole thing is just dark green.

I painted those armor bits on the face with two different tones of Citadel brand paint - Mithril Silver and Boltgun Metal. I think it adds so much character to the mask, and contrasts really nice with the green reptilian skin.

When I first made this guy I had all the armor in dark gray (pics at the end). But I thought it would be more interesting to swap out some of that for silver. In the pics the difference is kinda subtle. But in person it looks really cool I think.


Original design



I feel like the trans yellow doesn’t fit. But the armored Suletu looks awesome!


This is one of the few MOCs (or set) that uses the Inika head/mask as a head/mask that actually looks good! (Suletu is the best)

The sand green also looks really nice. Cool MOC!


This is nice! I like the asymmetrical troll/rock monster look. Well done.

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Looks really mutated or monster like. Cool MOC

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I think he wears his colors well. Great job with the mask

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Nice job! It looks really good.

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Goodness greebles, this gorgeous green gargantuan gouger has graced our grimy greased gears!

Great gob-I mean job!