Gorilla Crab, rahi

species : Gorilla Crab
origin : xilorian / nokarian
affilliation : neutral / peaceful
weapons : giant claws
universe : Nah’ayara
places : Xiloria (desert) / Nokaria (ocean)

The Gorilla Crabs are peaceful creatures, during the day, they travel in herds trought the desert, looking for food, some villagers even climb on them to travel easly but they rarely come close to villages and cities. If you cross them in the desert, you should just move along or stop and let them go, the crabs won’t attack you but if you’re looking for troubles, they will not hesitate to use their powerful claws on you. their mouth are quite small and limits their food to vegetation and small rahi but they don’t need to eat too often, they can live around 5 days without food.
A very similar species can be found on the Nokaria plot, except they’re not the same color and don’t have the same nutrition because of the fact they’re living underwater (no images available).


A fantastic design for a Rahi, very technic, I like it. I looks like a legitimate Bionicle build.


well @Kardax, thank you :heart:

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Best MOC you posted here yet! This really looks like a rahi, and it is pretty cute

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best reply you posted here yet ! :joy: thanks, and for my mocs, I’m posting one per day, and they’re not all complexe off course, sometimes I love simple mocs so I have both in my collection ^^

In my opinion the back lower feet could be changed though, so that they’ll look more normal.

yeah, I was limited with pieces, but it’s fine.

I’d limit the length of the legs. They seem to carry it too high into the air and make it look like some creature with crab arms as opposed to an actual crab.

Overall, it’s not too shabby. Definitely invokes a feeling of MOCs from yesteryear.

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Just by reading the name “Gorilla Crab” I knew it had to be interesting. And man it delivers.

It’s just huge bulky and imposing. I love it.


the large arms gave the name idea ^^ so yes it is, thanks

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I think you should use this as it’ll spread out his colour scheme more

I really like the use of the mata Nui hands

To be exact, @SonicBionicleMaster I got a mata nui without his mask and I never used him, so I decided to use his parts in this crab, no regrets.

@MistikaFan it could be a good idea but nah, i prefer to keep his legs black

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I just have the mask (of toa mata nui though)

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I’m always a sucker for crab rahi.

for meme fans :


Time for crab

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thanks @MaxinePrimal @Aquaraptor

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this moc is pretty cool man. its definitely not CRAB