So, who else likes the world’s most popular cyber band ever, the Gorillaz?!


Never heard of them.


Welp, I know them decently, and the characters genuinely interest me, but as for music, my knowledge is limited to a very miniscule number.

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I like Gorillaz.
Glad that they would have a new album still.
Albarn’s solo album was also pretty good.

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Does that aah sound from the intro of Clint Eastwood


Dude, i’m listening to them now… Thy are a very versatile band which is great! B ut I have to say murdoc is the best. have you seen the cribs episode with them? its hilarious!

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I’m pretty sure there’s a Linkin Park topic somewhere, but this isn’t it

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I just checked, and from what I can tell, there isn’t one, but i’ll gladly make one!

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I’ve heard most of the albums but the songs I enjoyed the most were 19-2000, Clint Eastwood, DARE, Plastic Beach and Empire Ants.

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If for the songs, I like “Hong Kong” a lot.

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I only know of them because Mick Jones was touring with them

I observed their videos when I was making a music video, always enjoyed their music, love the music videos they have. :slight_smile:

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Man, why can’t they(the creators of Gorillaz) finish up what other projects they’re doing and just make gorillaz music again!? I’m starting to get sick of waiting…maybe I should just listen to some of their music to relax…

I’m intrigued. Any recommendations for where to start with their music?

You can start with “The Singles Collection”. All the major hits are there in this compilation.
Or, just start listening right from the first album, simply called “Gorillaz”.

Along with Blur, Gorillaz is my favorite band of all time.

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Gorillaz is good, but I’ve grown out of them in favor of jazz and swing music. :sweat_smile:

I only know one song of theirs Feel Good Inc.

That seems to be the case of everyone I talk to…
I quite enjoy all of their songs. There’s actually only 6 songs I can think of by them that I dislike…

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so, anyone heard that the creators will make a new album, which will be released 2016?