Gravity in Bionicle

So I am quite curious the full extent of users of gravity, from my understanding a makuta, toa or bohrok of gravity could essentially create a black hole? from what I’ve read it says this, please let me know your thoughts!


Whatever they could do, it would hurt.

Please laugh.

I’m pretty sure Nuhvok-Kal trapped himself in a black hole when the Nuva Cube was overloaded, or something like that.


I laughed actually. Yes indeed it would without a doubt in my mind…hurt, so I would assume if a Nuhvok-Kal can create a black hole then surely a makuta could as well I would think?


Nuhvok-Kal, at the time it got destroyed, had increased power due to the Nuva symbols increasing the Bohrok-Kal’s power.

Anyway, as far as the question goes:
Short answer: probably not.
Long answer:

According to BS01, specifically the page for the Gravity Shield, the shields Nuhvok-Kal carried could increase gravity up to 1000 times its normal strength.

A black hole, in our world, is generally formed by the collapse of a massive star, which is about 8 times the size of our Sun. Spherus Magna does not have a canon size, but it is generally estimated to be about 10 times the size of Earth, which in turn is about 1/1,000,000 the size of the sun. So the mass of Spherus Magna is (theoretically) about 1/100,000 times the size of the Sun, or 1/800,000. the size of a star that would normally form a black hole. Even if Nuhvok-Kal increased gravity to 1,000 times the normal gravity of Spherus Magna, it would still be 1/800 the gravity “near” a black hole.

Of course, this is estimating a lot of factors (the size of Spherus Magna, and if its mass is comparable to the mass of astral bodies in our world) And Greg could always say “Gravity users can create black holes because I say they can”. Black holes, in Bionicle, could work differently from our world.



Very true, I agree with you from a realistic/logical and scientific standpoint, I read today that there are Quasi black holes, when created it puts out at least 6000 to 7000 exatons of energy. They are nowhere near the normal size estimate, in fact the one the nuhvok created looks about the size that was suggested on them. Either way, Considering there are things in Bionicle that move past the realm of physics, most things able to be done in Bionicle seem to lean towards magical more than scientific, I think from what I’ve read it seems probable at this point that they could create black holes if they so wished it without breaking the laws of Bionicle. I mean there are fire🔥swords. Haha

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I’m not sure if I grasp the gravity of all this


So, it’s a bit of a stretch, but gravity users could shrink a portion of energy down to the planck length and then use that to form at least a golfball-sized black hole. The more energy/mass they could draw in the larger.


Agreed, it’s not like they would need more than a small black hole anyway haha

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