Gravityhurts123's Art... dump(?)

Yeah… I don’t know what to call this besides “Art dump,” even though that always sounded weird to me.
Anyways, I’ll be posting my drawings here from time to time. Or, at least, the drawings that I think are good, to some degree.

One of my favorites, drew it in class. It you can’t tell what it is, then it’s supposed to be a beach where a Toa washed ashore on. I’m working on a colored version, so I’ll eventually post that.

Yeah, not my best, though not my worst either, but I have it scanned, so I figured I’d post it. (Also getting a colored version.)

(Sorry for this being sideways…) Po-wahi area. Also going to get colored.

Drew this one a while back, maybe last year. (Also getting a colored version.)

My current profile pic. I explain this one on the profile pics topic.

Feel free to comment, critique, etc.
Thanks for your time!

Crap, how could I forget this one?!?!?

Drew it on my whiteboard in my dorm room.


Very nice art! I drew my profile pic too :slight_smile:

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This is pretty good. I think.
(I’m not exactly an art connoisseur)

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Thank you very much!
I like your profile picture too.
It actually reminds me of the “Penuts” comic.


And yes I think I’ve been told that before by someone. It’s a chibi self portrait of me.

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Thank you!
Yeah… I’m not much of a art connoisseur either, ha ha!

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Very nice, I like the one of your avatar a lot.

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Thank you very much!

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That last one looks beautiful, but I just can’t tell what is…

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Ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legand of Korra? It’s supposed to be a firebender firebending on a cliff, with a mountain in the distance, a lake/forest below, all at sunset.
Yeah… now that I describe it, I can tell it’s hard to see it.
But thank you anyways! Glad you thought it looked nice, ha ha!


In hindsight,I guess I should have realized it. :sweat_smile:

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Ha ha, it’s fine! It is a little hard to tell now that I look at it. Don’t worry about it!

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This is nice, my favorite is the one with Tahu and the Red Star.
Keep it up!

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Thank you very much! I like that one too! …well, I drew it, so I suppose that makes me a bit biased though, doesn’t it… Oh well.

Anyways, I’m going to take this as an opportunity to avoid double posting.
Here’s some more that I found while looking in My Documents, as well as some I scanned today.

Nuva symbols

Ga-koro underwater

Fantasy villain I drew a while back

Tracing of an Avokhii

Dark Souls inspired drawing

An “Ancient Machine” from a scifi book I’m (eventually) going to write

Obligatory Undertale Sketch…

A small Island on a lake surrounded by mountains

Mnog telescope (I have an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with drawing this one sight. Expect to see more of this particular area…)

Makuta vs Takanuva inspired by Halo 4

Oh look… more undertale related stuff. I call it Mata Sans /s

Superhero concept art


My reaction:
Okay, MNOG, MNOG, more MNOG, oh, that red star one is pretty cool, and OH MAN THOSE ARE SOME INSANE DRY ERASE SKILLS!

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Ha ha, thanks!
Yeah… I have another one I was working one, but my whiteboard’s adhesive keeping it on the wall stopped working, and it fell. So, it’s been on hiatus.
Actually, I think I’ll go work on it now.

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This looks amazing, you’re really talented

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Also, I finished the other one!

Looking straight down perspective.


These are actually really cool… I wonder that that is that’s trying to get the sword.

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I am speechless. I like each one of these.

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