Graxx Armor Pt6: Nitro Racer (Nitross)

The newest entry in my bionicle fusion storyline, nitross was created when carapars dead body had been fused with remnants of vezon and the piraka, after Mutran forged the bodies into a powerful vehicle it would be given Toa likhans toa stone giving the powerful machine sentience.

The nitro racer as mutran named it would then escape and when the great wave of destruction came it was fast enough to outrun the destruction. The machine would also use bio former abilities to good use, when he transformed he lost sentience but it gave him more power.

He also had been given fusion capabilities by icarax, he'd use his fusion powers to good use when he met graxx and teamed up with him.

This allows him to travel at any speed at all meaning he can outrun any and every living thing in the world, he is technically fast enough to drive through solid objects. That was a look at nitross and his combination with graxx hope you liked it, and if you didn't.........good for you :rolling_eyes:


First all, I'm not saying this to be mean or offend you.
I'm just gonna strait up say that this looks bad.
It's basically a plate with wheels messily slapped on.
I don't really have much else to say about it.

Things I can suggest to make it look better include maybe adding some shapping and details, and try integrating the wheels a bit better.


I would........ But I'm running out of pieces :sob:


Cannibalize some of your older Mocs for parts. That's what every mocist does and it works well.


I like the concept, but this really needs some work. First, have all the wheels be the same, or switch them around if you don't have the parts. Next remove the Toa feet and put them...somewhere else. Keep the structure in the front, but redesign the chassis of the car to make is more streamlined, even a bike. Keep the structures in the back, but redesign them to fit the more streamlined version.

As for the combiner, right now it looks laughably disproportional, but if you try a new version of the nitro racer then see what you can do. Maybe make it like one of those transforming transformer things.

He's really good, maybe you could put a checker patterned something on it to make it look cooler.

It kinda just looks like a plate with wheels. I don't really see "speed" at all here. Or any real theme, for that matter. It kinda just looks like a torso with a plank on wheels.

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Buy lots of part of ebay

Or Bricklink, it's a lot cheaper.

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Its easy. Buy sets in stores for parts fodder, or BrickLink specific pieces you want in bulk (if you want). One time I found a Bionicle STARS Piraka on clearance for $4 in a local everything-store.

(I did buy the Piraka set, not because I like Bionicle STARS or anything, just for fodder)

Not being mean or anything but... this looks hideous. The....thing on this plank with some wheel things is just a frankenstien's monster plopped on top.

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Constructive Criticism at its finest.

For this you could probably add a lot more to it, like armor and weapons to bulk it up.

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I personally think it's beautiful

I'm just going to be brutally honest here.

As others have said it's a plate with ccbs piled on top of it. Maybe if it was a little more clean for the car body (i.e. Technic) I could forgive it since it's also a rider but as stated it's just bones on a plate. The combination is plain bad and looks more like a chibi badly designed Mario cart character then a combiner meant to increase speed. I'd at least add a part to be a car spoiler jetpack so it's not a legless man resting on a car. Maybe some pipe guns too. Or put in more effort and add an actual armor mode along with car centaur mode.

As for your part shortage; you can recycle an old moc for free or order bulk online. Half my Mocs I have posted I've since torn apart becuase I wanted their parts or plain didn't like them.

Actually a centaur car in Mario cart is a heckin cool concept if you think about it. I like X because he tries these ideas while no one else does.

or kijiji if your in Canada wait is kijiji in the U.S.A too?

Never said it was a bad idea, it's just the execution isn't good. I think gokaiger / pr super megaforce used it too and it looked good.

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It did indeed

The concept is interesting, but a MOC needs to have a well executed concept to work. Even if it's an interesting idea, that doesn't really mean much if it doesn't properly convey the potential of that idea.

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