Graxx armour pt2: blaze the hayabusaryu/ aerial mode

Blaze was a dragon who was soul connected to supernova, he had to be let go when he became an adult, later on he would be trapped in a life or death situation and would survive but was near death, he would then become one with kaww, part of a bird like species which are capable of fusion, he would be at full strength afterwards and would have control over more powerful abilities along with his old ones.

Eventually he would meet graxx who would prove leader worthy of blaze and then they would become partners.

They would soon use fusion to become an aerial warrior, very useful and very powerful.


Rather minimal.


It really looks bad when connected, I do not like how the parts just jut out.


The dragon looks slapped together and just a skeleton, maybe add some armor onto it.

The combination doesn’t wok very well, it just looks like a mess, especially with the head sticking out of the chest.


It’s not supposed to look amazing, it’s supposed to look slapped together because that’s what the story on these guys is.

I don’t get it. Where does the story say that?

The story on why I made them :expressionless:

“dragon” mode; looks like slenderman turned into a dragon, got shot several times and the holes never healed. The trans colors are strange and the entire build us is weaker then a 2.0 hero.
Aerial mode; beasts you can have more slack on for powered up modes but just like your last “armor” limbs just hang off the moc doing nothing but making it look worse.

I’d recommend the dragon gets more bone coverage and combines with the moc by just being a backpack like 2016 creatures.

Off topic; stop using story as an excuse to not try. It doesn’t help you or the moc. On moc pages I said a lot of my Mocs used “junk camo” aka a pathetic excuse as to why I didn’t even try to add coherent color schemes.

As you can see I’ve grown past those days; you should too.


I said where in the story does it say that they should looks slapped together, because I don’t see it saying that anywhere.

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You know what… Who cares anymore (ps the story isn’t an excuse, it’s just a story)

Well the way you say it it sounds like an excuse. There are ways to make simple, but good, builds. We’re just saying our opinions; do with them what you want.

He has a head… coming out of his stomach…

Blaze himself is fine, the dragon is really meh, and the combination is pretty bad…

The concept is really great, but the execution could be better.

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Put some clothes on man…
Well this MOC is bery basic and not dragon like. I think adding armor and wings would benefit this MOC.

I don’t see how this would help anyone in a battle.

The core humanoid looks fine as usual, but the dragon doesn’t honestly look like a dragon at all…

It has a closer shape to a dog, honestly, and even then it still looks like it’s made of sticks. And as for the armor mode…

I just don’t get what it could possibly offer as an advantage, given it’s lack of range, movement, or defense…


Hey guys, let’s keep things on topic and give CC, thanks.


I really like him

Try adding something, blades or such as wings/stabilizers it is a good idea, but I feel it is not carri s out well, mabey it could attach to his back and provide extra arms?