Graxx armour pt5: ninjin the space ninja/ ninja mode/ space mode

Ninjin was shunned by most of his race for being strange, while everyone else where big and strong, he was small and smart, he would later on soon master martial arts and would fuse that with his technological weaponry creating something completely different.

He would eventually start travelling, and because his species knew fusion he would fuse with plenty of people including lewa for a mission during 2010 before eventually meeting graxx.

They would start doing fusion with each other in two different ways.
Ninja mode:

And space mode:


This guy is the coolest. Keep up the good work

The color scheme is consistent except for those orange-red hands and the mask choice works
It's pretty good for a standard protector/ matoran build

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While an interesting concept, the actual armor looks weird with the limbs sticking off like that.


I don't know why I like this little guy so much. Keep up the good work

It's uh.... Neat. Big fan of the tiny rotor on the top.

I like the lil' midget. But Graxx is pretty simple and the armour thing needs a little more work. It's kind of messy too. But still, you are starting to improve

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Y'know, I'm impressed. You've come a long way in such a short time. This is definitely your best work yet. While there are a few flaws you should work on, such as the combined mode, I think that overall this is pretty good. Nice work, I hope to see you continue to improve. You've got a lot of potential to be a good MOCist.

Well the humanoid mode looks really good. I definitely get a ninja vibe off him (reminds me off the samurai star megazord a bit.) Though as ussual the "armored" mode is just random limbs hanging off the figure.
Still have a long way to go but this is a major improvement.

Ninjin really pulls off his own look well, but the fusion leaves much to be desired.

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