Gray, the Mafioso Guy

A character for Ekorak’s “City of the Fallen: Rebirth” who serves as some sort of secretary for the Mafia.

A very simple MOC I whipped up in the span of an hour (I’m slooooooow). Was kind of difficult to making him somewhat resemble a hoo-man.

Side and back views that reveal the obnoxious red ball joint; I ran out of black ones, rip. Also shows that cruddy piece of cloth I cut out in two minutes.

u gon git sh0t m8 w4tch out

Uh… hat tip?

Inspiration for fedora design goes to HPDeskjet’s top hat design.

Anyways, quick MOC. Thanks for reading, ya’ll.


haha, this guy looks cool :^)

He’s so classy

I love how you made the bow tie! Also, the top hat is great!

It’s definitely a cleverly space-efficiant MOC; I would have really struggled to keep the fedora and bow tie proportional without making the figure giant. I’m not really a fan of the CCBS shells on the thighs, as a technic design may work better, but the rest of the MOC is very streamlined.