Grazar, the feared

Grazar, one feared Tranik, one of the biggest of his species, is a brute, walking in the night, terrorizing the people…Until imprisoned in the deepest cell…<imgsrc="/uploads/db5640/original/4X/5/d/b/5db569857571ad08010c06fe68cb610014af964b.JPG" width=“669” height=“499”>

Size comparison

Constructive comments pls


This looks ok. The Hero Factory foot as a head is cool, and the hands are interesting, but his arms and waist are really spindly compared to the rest of him. Not only that but the thumbs aren’t the same colour as the rest of the fingers, and I know you have that part in black because you got Von Nebula. The legs look ok, but the CCBS pieces are too smooth for the rest of him. He just really needs more bulky limbs.


The only thing I don’t like here is the thumbs. They really seem to through off the whole build. You should make them a bit thicker.


When I first read the title I thought it said Grazar the Friend. And when I saw the picture I thought
“Yeah, I’d say he’s shaped like a friend.”

All in all this looks pretty good. The design and overall shape of the moc is nice and unique. Good work.


The head barely works. Might want to use the mask that came with maxilos


Using a foot as a head is a bold move, it looks pretty good though.

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Those hands are clawful!

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