Great Beings on altered/new "lifeforms"?

Although Velika treated the evolution to sentience of the Matoran universe inhabitants as a flaw, I take interest in whether every other Great Being would follow this same philosophy. Specifically, what would be the majority opinion of the Great Beings on the creation of altered creatures such as the Bohrok-Kal? Would the evolution of their personal creations into a unit that could better perform its specified task be a good thing for them, or the Great Beings would see this as a defect from the standards of a normal Bohrok?

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Well, I don’t see the Kal as something they would object to, since the creation of the Kal was probably something pre-programmed into the Bahrag to start with. As scientists, I think they would be fascinated with any evolution of their creations, in the same way I am sure the Facebook chatbot developers are fascinated that the bots started talking to each other in their own language.


Interesting. This’ll actually assist a story I’m writing quite nicely, thanks for the input!