Great beings or a greater power in G3[World building]

Should (a) story include Great Beings? What should their role be and what could they be/look like?


Iā€™d like to see the Great Being be pulling all the strings, being behind Makuta and all of the villains. Not evil, but rather, trying to quash the threat of Makuta and failing.

As for appearance, just regular hooded people.

I always considered the GBs as wasted potential for a bit of moral complexity in the story. We could have had the Toa, Matoran, Agori, etc. occupying the light side of things, Makuta and Dark Hunters the dark side, and then the Great Beings could have been somewhere in the middle, not looking to help others, or for power or riches, but rather just to further their own science, even at the cost of others.If a G3 were to happen I think the addition of Great Beings could sincerely aid the story and add a moral depth.

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I think they should really only hinted at in the main story as creators of this world.
Also their appearance should stay a mystery by having them concealed in robes and a hood.

I feel like the great beings should be a presence on the story, enigmatic yet still grounded, I envision them to be these hooded and robed beings that conceal their weapons and armor.

Perhaps they aid Makuta to create a balance. Or and this is my favorite theory, Makuta Mata nui and Ekimu are members of the great beings who decided to lead the matoran rather than lead lives of non-interference, Mata nui as a builder, inspired the matoran and taught them to create, Ekimu taught them how to handle materials that Mata nui created with and Makuta taught them how to master the Rahi of the world. perhaps we can implement this into the story.

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Well, a great being should appear in G3, but like gods, or at the final, like in G1.

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