Great Cataclysm + Reason For Skull Villans?

Ok, so I was Just looking at the Places of Okoto and I went to the City of the Mask Makers and it said that Ekimu was put into a deep sleep after the Great Cataclysm. Does this mean that the clash between Makuta and Ekimu was the Great Cataclysm or did it cause the Great Cataclysm? It also said that if the Great Forge was lit again, the city would awaken. This could mean that when the toa entered the city, all the skull villans awoke. That might have been why LoSS was trying to prevent the Toa from entering. What do you think?


Ekimu makes masks, if the fore is re-lit then masks can be made. The great cataclysm probably has much information we are missing out on so for now only half minded theories for that.

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In kulta’s trailer I believe it shows the forge a lit so he can melt it down. So I think that the forge is lit and hence the skull villains(that would be intresting if that’s why LoSS tried to stop them).
But as far as the great cataclysm, people are way over thinking it and saying it’s an event we still don’t know about, which could be true but very unlikely. It’s most likely when Ekimu and Makuta fought, especially when Makuta put on the mask a the island started to crumble creating a cataclysmic event.

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This just hit me.

What if the great cataclysm killed everyone in the ancient city, and the skull villains are former inhabitants of the ancient city? When the forge is relit or whatever, the scary skull guys become normal people again!

Skull warriors are villagers, Skull Scorpios are mounts, Skull Basher is a bouncer, Skull Slicer is a gladiator, and Skull Grinder was a king of sorts. or maybe he’s Makuta.


@Middlefingerstudios: we need art of this.

But seriously, I could see LEGO doing tha.

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