Great Spirit Robot 'Domes' Theory

What bothered me for a while about the Great Spirit Robot is that, why would the domes be sideways the whole time? In fact, how could say the Onu Metru archives work without burrowing through Mata Nui's head?

Well, here's my theory:
The domes that make up the inside of the Great Spirit Robot are in fact NOT domes. They are giant Spheres, half of which is liquid Protodermis and the other air (or what ever would be it in the MU). The islands would be like islands in the real world, but in the spheres. AND the spheres turn depending on if the spirit robot is upright or lying down, so they're not just in the same position forever.

This is a picture of the proposed Great Spirit Robot in an upright position

  1. Metru Nui
  2. Karzahni
  3. Northern Continent, Southern Continent
  4. Zakaz
  5. Xia (and Stelt?)
  6. Destral
  7. Daxia
  8. Stelt (?)
  9. Energized Protodermis Entity's Island
  10. Artidax
  11. Keetongu's Island
  12. Artakha
  13. Tren Krom's Island
  14. Odina
  15. Nynrah
  16. Visorak
  17. Karda Nui

What do you guys think?


interesting theory, though how would the domes work when crossing into each other? because there are double domes


I've been thinking about that before hand, and concluded that the double domes would just be big spheres, fitting several islands together rather than oval shaped domes, if that makes sense. Though this would mean that islands would either be smaller or closer together than previously thought.
As for their connections, the tubes that connected them all would be able to change shape, at least on the ends, so they can move and stretch depending on how the spheres are positioned.

This is a work in progress picture of the Great Spirit Robot with habitation spheres in it.

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Well, that's an interesting theory, but I think that spheres do not turn depending on how Mata Nui turns, it doesn't make real sense. There must be gravity inside of Mata Nui, so nobody would even notice if they're upside down or something, as gravity draws them to the ground anyway.
Also, some of the islands suppose to be something like Mata Nui's organs, like Metru Nui is his brain, for example. So, every island should be connected directly to Mata Nui's mechanics, and it couldn't be achieved if all the spheres are constantly moving.
But, it does make sense that all the domes are spheres, as it is necessary for gravity imitation.

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I can see this.

Now Karzahni being right below it confuses me a bit.

It's an idea that I've seen before that I think makes sense. The tubes along his neck (you might be able to see them in my drawing) are different tubes that go to Zakaz, Xia and the Northern and Southern Continents. So Matoran can travel from Metru Nui to the rest of the robot without going through Karzahni if they so choose (it being Matoran Hell and all).

This is interesting, but I always thought the great beings could manipulate gravity. They can create toa who can change gravity, so why not just change it to where it is most convinient.

The domes always confused the heck out of me. In fact, nearly all the inner workings of the Great Spirit Robot do.

How can they travel from one island to the other? To them it just looked like endless sea, right? And what if they wanted to travel from a place in his arm to his chest directly? Wouldn't they just assume they had to sail Northeast but end up running into the edge of the dome?