Greatest Bionicle Regret

I think I'll have to correct myself from earlier.

I have accumulated enough pieces of titan Mata Nui now to completely build the torso (except mask) and one leg.

And I'm kinda satisfied that I didn't get him orginally because of the right reason - this set does not only look like an ugly, gappy abomination on the pictures - it's even worse in real so far. And the size doesn't help, if anything it makes it even worse. Probably my least favorite set ever.

So I'm not really regretting not getting that set originally - I'm rather... annoyed that I don't already have it and have to try to get it with my own money for my collection now...

But why did it have to be the only set with the golden Ignika ?! :sob:


BIggest regret is not discovering price guides or Bricklink sooner. I cringe when I look at my old register and see how much I paid for certain sets on Amazon.

Oh, and reading LEGO Club magazine since 2009ish and somehow completely forgetting about Bionicle until I looked up HF YouTube videos and found a BMV (or it could've been the 2001-08 narrated history, can't remember).

Surprised to see someone reposted it at all. My channel rarely got any views.

I regret not buying the ‘06 titans, which I’ve put off buying for 5 months now.

They’ve made me question whether I actually care about Bionicle anymore or whether I’ve just got a bad case of sunk cost fallacy.

why do they have to be so expensive

You could also buy them part by part from bricklink - it's what I did to get Icarax, Lesovikk and am still trying to do for other sets I don't have. I'm pretty sure you could get most sets that don't include any super unique parts relatively cheap that way even if it might take a little time to complete them.

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I've been able to buy almost every set I wanted from G1 in the secondary market at good prices. Thankfully, I had the foresight to buy all the G2 sets when the line was cancelled. The thing I regret, though, is not buying duplicates of all the sets needed to build the G2 Makuta combo model. I only need to get the two Umaraks and Onua Uniter, but they are outrageously expensive anywhere I look.
Even though this may sound like heresy I'm almost willing to buy knockoff versions of the sets since they are so cheap on Ali Express. Also, some of thier sets have some neat parts, such as hands with articulated fingers.

Honestly. It’s a better alternative

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When I was but a wee lad I bought a Mega Blox set instead of Irnakk. I had the choice between the two and settled on the wrong option. That said I did enjoy that set at the time, but it would've been fun to have owned Irnakk instead... oh well :smiley:


I regretet that I lost my Toa Hordika Nuju Mask/head piece :sweat:

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Trading Vezon & Fenrakk for the Lego Chima Wakz’ Pack Tracker. I did eventually get another Vezon & Fenrakk, fortunately. (By eventually I mean a couple of years later)

Signing up onto the boards and getting motivated to check by almost everyday.

Joking of course. It’s been great being here. Cheers to my second year on here.


Why would you regret this?

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Back in my earlier years I had to share a bedroom with my younger brothers and I was too embarassed to moc in front of them because I felt too old for Bionicle, so I'd go do it in the basement. I'd pour my parts onto bare concrete and build from the piles. Some of my favorite mocs were made there but in retrospect a lot of parts got scuffed beyond recognition and they all ended up dirty as a result. Fast forward a little over a decade later after losing 2/3rds of my collection due to moving and whatnot and what I had left I sold because I just couldn't be bothered washing and then sorting which parts to keep. I think my Kanohi were the only things to stay in the end.

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Not preserving any of the comics. I know they're free online, but it's just not the same.
It's regrettable that the Vahi didn't allow time travel.
Not getting Meltdown.
Choosing Furno 2.0 over Evo 2.0.
Not getting any IFB beasts, Protectors. or Creatures.

Now, this one's ironic: I regret buying two of the Piraka. I was in Walgreen's, and had $20. I decided I'd either get 2 Piraka, or a King Kong movie play set. Sure, the Piraka were okay, and hey did beef up my part collection, but man, those Kong toys looked awesome, and looking back, my have been a better deal.

That’s the same with me! I only ended up getting Izotor because Kopaka was my favourite Toa.

Yeah, it's why I don't have the cool IFB beast feet. They seem super useful.

Luckily, I do have those feet because I bought that General Grievous constraction figure from 2015.

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Not acquiring the Skopio or Kardas.

Rejecting HF for four years and not having enough mocing parts once G2 rolled around.


I really, REALLY........regret not getting the Toa Terrain Crawler. I really liked the mini movie that came out in 2007 for the Toa Mahri and that set was the perfect way to replicate that scene.


I really regret disassembling my Kardas Dragon set some time after I built it and later on having to give away nearly all of my Bionicle sets to Goodwill earlier this year to accommodate me moving into a smaller apartment where my several tubs wouldn't have any place to fit in. Granted I can always buy those 500 piece sets online someday if I ever have kids and want to get them into Bionicle but it still is disheartening I had to come to that decision (though I didn't have much of a choice)