Green Dash Racer MOC

This works with an air stomper, as seen in the racer’s back.


It is pretty blocky on the sides. Try to smooth that out. And the engine on the back seems… unrealisticly big.


This doesn’t look that good. The entire moc is blocky, and the front is really flat. The Air Stomper port sticks out way too far.

The colour scheme is consistent though.


The “engine on the back” is a Air Stomper port, not an engine, the pieace is that big, and the only way I can make it compatible with an air stomper is by putting that piece on the back.

OK… The ‘air stomper’, as you like to call it, is way too big and brokes the visuals of the moc, looking awkward and being almost as big as the car itself.

I disagree, on the actual Air Stomper sets, the port doesn’t stick out half as much:


At least the color scheme is consistent

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