Greencapps Nuzlocke adventures!

so uh i don’t know where to place this so this is this topic’s home for now please tell me where i should put it.
Anyways im starting a Nuzlocke of Y version and I thought that I would share it with you dandy people of this fair forum. So here it is:

First i need to diside my starter so who is it gonna be Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie? Nickname? YOU CHOSE!!!

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Is this supposed to be a game or something?

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Choose the closest thing to Infernape.

In other words, Fennekin.


nah just me chronicling my Nuzlocke adventures

So this a story?

no more of a blog really

Oh, okay. Sorry for all of the questions. You said you were unsure which category to put the topic in and I was going to do it for you, but I wanted to know the facts first before I did.

froakie, that frog-ninja is a beast.

nickname: Gaiden(geddit?)
…it’s what I named mine, …thought it was clever.

I do believe that Greninja and Charizard are the best options.

I used “Frogue” for Greninja and “Morderend” for Charizard.

I am personally a Froakie fan, and I would myself name it Ichigo.

For the sheer fact that it has a scarf later in life, and Kamen Rider Ichigo was well known for his heroic scarf in the Japanese 70s.


froakie it is and @Nyran your nickname was chosen

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Name it “Infernape”.


You better take that Charizard.

Peljay the Pidgey has joined the party!

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Pick Froakie and name him Lt. Bubbles (If you know what YouTuber that’s from your my favourite person on this board!) Oh oops Just saw I’m too late.

peter the panpour has joined the party… for now

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Omg Yes Yes Yes Yes!

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funfact: the scarf is actually his tongue.

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I am aware of this. The fact that it is pink gave it away.