Gregoriy Petrov

Gregoriy Petrov

2066, The motherland’s greatest defender, Comrade Gregoriy is the heavy weapons specialist of the infamous Ursine Assault Unit.

More photos.


I love so much about this it’s hard to even say. Well done.

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So communism took over again?

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That’s amazing! Purple and Rangetroopers!

again? It never left


Excellent parts usage.

This must’ve been made with the power of kek.

I hate kek.

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That’s a great gun design, excellent dakka right there.

Shots Fired

Absolutely gorgeous, and I always love uses of 1.0 feet so yeet :stuck_out_tongue:

Another great moc with the Gorm torso. I love how the character’s head is the Obi-Wan piece, it’s amusingly fitting for for a Russia themed character.

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Isn’t that the Range Trooper helmet, not Obi-Wan?

On the file with more photos there is one with the moc without helmet and with the Obi One head instead.


Ok, I was really confused at first. Thanks.

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This is a great MOC. The armor is appropriately bulky, with a simple, slick color palette. Obi Wan’s head is perfect for a dude named Gregoriy!

Question though - are those white rubber bands around the armor on the legs, or just white string? Do they hold the pieces together, or are they just cosmetic?

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Looks really cool and I especially like the construction on his lower legs

Thanks, guys, glad you like him! :ok_hand:

bang bang :gun:

same t b h

Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.

The Gorm torso is such a gorgeous piece. There’s nothing quite so bulky, clean, and ornate. Definitely one of the best purchases I made this year. Hopefully, we’ll see more Galidor mocs in 2019 than we did this year.

I have to admit that using the Obi-Wan head on a character named Gregoriy was purely coincidence. Though I wish I were clever enough to have made the connection. :sweat_smile:

As for the legs, they use the white rubber bands that you’d find in Krekka and the Visorak. Not only do they hold the pieces together, but they’re the only things holding the pieces together. :sweat: there are some cams in between them that keep them from wiggling around but no official connection points.