Greluian the Warrior

Sup. Back with another MOC. This one I built in one sitting (roughly 4 hours). New record for me!

Meet Greluian (pronounced “grey-loo-e-ann”) Otherwise known as Grey for short.

She’s a buff n tough dimetrodon girl! Yeah dinosaurs!
Featuring dual one-handed axes and a massive hammer, all of which have storage on the MOC.

Note: Hammer is a slightly altered version of the one seen on Melding Teridax

She also has a neato tat on her arm, in reference to the three stars of Orion’s belt

In case you can’t tell, it’s a sticker from a model kit.

MISC pictures

Endeavor:“Why do we look so similar??”
Grey: “I’m you, but prehistoric.”

Epic Gun Show

As usual, Video on my channel~~

Grey was fun to build, but it was also totally unexpected. Greluian is a very very old character of mine who I wanted to revamp, and he was always male. But when I began building him, the design was looking more like a muscular female build. I kinda liked the originality of that (you see too many skinny minis out there in terms of femme MOCs) so I rolled with it. I’m happy with the result, and I personally feel like it shows character. So female she became. XD


I love the leg and torso design! The sand blue is a great color addition, I just wish it was more noticeable in among the silver, but the more I look, the more it pops up!

Great design once again!

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It looks AMAZING!
I love the inclusion of the dinosaur/ lizard features (the back spine thing and the tail specifically!)
My only complaint is that the pieces you used for the chest don’t really match the textured/ ridged look of the rest of the MOC (but there’s really nothing you can replace it with!)
I also feel like the silver bohrok eyes above the hip area could be replaced with a less longer piece, just to add a tad move feminism appearance to the MOC (I thought it was male at first!:sweat_smile:)
In the end, though, it looks very very nice!

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That decal reminds me greatly of the MSG: The Origin Tri-Star High Mobility Type Zaku II symbol.

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The colour scheme is rather basic, but the build is superb.


That’s cause it is! XD

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To be honest I didn’t even see the part where you said it was from a model kit when I wrote that. But I did assume that due to the flatness and lack of gloss in the symbol (like all normal Gunpla decals).

Also, I really like the MOC’s build but would increase sand blue distribution.

There’s a bit of silver overload in the torso.

Unicorn Wizard approves.


How do dis.

Agreed, I was working with only the sand blue i had on me, but I do plan to make a bricklink order in the future to fill in the torso a bit more with blue.

secondly, I HAVE NO IDEA. my friend @Tyrigsus8V watched me build it in a skype call. I was just in the zone or something. MOC magic. witchcraft. i dunno but MOCs usually take me days not hours XD


this looks pretty great and creative!

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You took four hours… It took me a YEAR to make my latest MOC, and he’s the only one left on my shelves! (To be fair I had only an arm and 2 legs to do for 10 or 11 months of that year, but still!)

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@Alieraah strikes again.

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And so, all dino nerds simultaneously flipped their tables.
This is some dank stuff you got here.


Solid torso build, nice color scheme, and an awesome weapon! All in all, great job. Plus, I like the dinosaur theme. Getting some serious dinobot vibes from her.

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I really want to study dinosaurs again, for some reason. Great MOC.

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This is pretty cool, but the chest feels off. Not for fan service, but more for the textures being too smooth. Not sure how to fix it though.

Looks…solid. Very. Nice work.

…she kinda reminds me of a figurative grey brick wall.

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Looks really great, however its kinda hard to make out the details since its got a lot of grey and that some areas look super grebeled and some areas are super smooth. But I think it has a good concept that you carried out well.


A super strong,bad arse dinosaur lady, with a giant hammer.
Whelp, that just about checks all 'a my boxes.