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In which I post random artwork I do.


I think it looks good, although I would outline the tie a bit more.

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Not bad.
The tie is kinda undefined, though.

Here’s a Lewa:

Also, I added an outline to the tie on the Joker drawing:


You used the wrong font for Lewa, the edgy scribbled teen font should be used in '06. ; P

Pretty cool though bro.


I was just making an '06 joke bro. : )

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Sorry, didn’t realize it was just a joke.

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Looks good! Also, you didn’t have to take my suggestion.

I don’t see a difference between Joker and better joker.

He outlined the tie on the second one.

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I thought it was a good sugestion, and it only took me a minute or two to do, so…

Here’s a RWBY thing:


Looks pretty good!

I should really watch RWBY

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Whiess looks good, something’s off about the other person (I cannot remember her name)

I really like it, I am stuned because you be a comic book writer or animator, simple but great

That’s Neo. You know, psychopath ice cream girl?


Here’s versions of some TTV cast members that I made for something I’m working on:

They’re based on the avatars Prpldragon made for them.

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Yellow, from the Pokemon Adventures Manga.

I drew the rest of the Kanto trainers, but I didn’t like those drawings as well. I’ll probably redraw them soon.

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Looks pretty good! Reminds me of an Avatar character, even though it’s Pokemon.

Looks pretry good, would you color this

Yeah, I’ll probably color it at some point.

Facecanon for Church, from RvB

He looks really annoyed…
Well that’s pretty normal for him, I suppose.