My own interpretation of the Airlord, selfmoc of @Gringat

The story behind this moc is pretty much that somewhere during autumn I got into a bit of a nostalgia about mocpages, and its old bionicle community, and telling about its community to my mocer friends on skype pretty much boosted that feeling. At some point I got the urge to make this moc. Although I’ve made two other versions in the past, this is the first one that stays true to the original, in both size and species.

This moc was actually finished in october. I had plans to include him in a story, because his mask powers could’ve played a key role in certain developments, so I postponed his upload at the time. However, my story plans have been changing, so that liberated him from the pit of procrastination and getting to the web.

Do enjoy.


Nice ax.


A very faithful representation of the MOC. A tiny bit more dark green in the torso would’ve been nice, but this is solid otherwise.

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Thanks =] And I very much agree. While building I intended to have more dark green on the torso, but most of it ended up on the back. Finding pieces for the front side while keeping a good shaping proved a bit too difficult.

I like this very much.

The arms feels alittle lengthy but the entire build is great, the texture blend pretty well beside the bushing.

Love this so much, the colour scheme is really freakin cool, and i love the way you pulled off the head and the weapon. Top notch :ok_hand:

I really love the color scheme.

@BBricks @Square
Thank you =]

@Jayfa @Ninjanicktf
Thanks, I personally tip my hat to @Gringat for coming up with the unique combo of green, red and black in the original.

The weapon was a bit experimental, I just wanted to see if I could recreate the blue staff blade with those claw pieces. I’m mostly happy with it, though would be nice to figure out a way to fill the middle section of the blade.